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Prompt: Makoto gets amnesia and Haru tries his best to make him remember <3 ORRRR Makoto walking in on Haru masturbating, moaning out Mako's name <3333


So, I started writing the first prompt and quickly realized that I had mixed up the names, writing about an amnesiac Haru instead of Makoto. Rather than change that, I rolled with it and, hence, this story was born!

I am filing away your second request to do in the near-future because I feel really bad for not sticking with the original prompt (and because it is an interestingly smutty prompt)!

Anyway, I really hope that you enjoy reading it nonetheless! I definitely enjoyed writing it! <3

They told Makoto, shortly after he woke, that there had been an accident: A drunk driver ran an intersection and hit their tiny car head on, leaving them both in critical condition. Of course, upon hearing the news, he immediately jumped to frantically asking about his fiancé’s condition. Comatose, they said, but well on the way to recovering –potentially some sort of brain damage, but it could not be assessed too critically while he was unconscious.

Makoto hated being confined to his hospital bed; he yearned to see Haru in his every lucid moment. His thoughts circled around and around during his downtime, wondering if he was okay, if he was suffering from some other sort of damage that no one was telling him about. In his darkest moments, he began to think that the accident was his fault –that if they hadn’t gone out to dinner like Makoto had suggested, they would both be back at home relaxing in front of the television and making wedding plans. Memories of normalcy seemed so far away and it hurt him to think that they might never get back to them.

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Let’s keep walking together. Today and in the future too

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This is a fanmix about Makoto and Haruka, and about wanting to share a future together.

After watching episode 11, I figured this would probably be the best moment to post this playlist. (ps.: this is a happy fanmix, angst free.)

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